Campaign for Census and State Budget Solutions

We want to make sure that our community is counted in this year’s Census because it affects how much federal funding our city receives. It could make the difference between getting or losing a school, health clinic, senior center or job-placement center.

California is facing a $20 billion budget shortfall.  Our tax and budgeting system is over 30 years old and hasn’t kept up with changing economic and political conditions. We’ll be asking Oaklanders about solutions to this budget crisis. Issues like split-roll taxes and the 2/3 budget majority will be voted on within the next few years.

Help make sure that Oakland residents are informed and engaged in critical issues facing our city and state!

Oakland Rising is a social justice collaborative that is building a citywide electoral base to advance an agenda that addresses the issues and needs of our flatland communities.

PHONE-BANKING: Training at 5:30, Phoning from 6-8:30pm

Whether you are a seasoned activist or a first-time phone-banker, we will provide everyone with a comprehensive training from 5:30-6pm.  Food, drinks, phones, and plenty of fun guaranteed!

Ella Baker Center, 344 40th St, Oakland:

Thursday, March 18th and Tuesday, March 23rd


Thursday, April 1st and Tuesday, April 6th

DOOR-KNOCKING: 10a-2p Saturday March 20th & April 3rd

March 20th Location:  City Hall
April 3rd Location: TBD (please RSVP)

Training will be done beforehand and food provided afterward! 

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