December 2016

Social Justice Issues Briefing for Oakland Elected Officials

On December 15th, 2016, Oakland Rising hosted our first ever Issues and Policy Briefing for all elected officials in the county whose districts touch Oakland. We had participation from most of the elected offices in Alameda County Read more »

A Space for Post-Election Healing

Earlier this month Oakland Rising hosted a day of reflection and renewal for our voter outreach staff who worked on our fall campaign. Our first ever post-election “Healing Retreat,” we invited all campaign staff and full-time Oakland Rising staff and collaborative partners to participate.  Read more »

Jim Crow 2.0: Modern Voter Suppression and Threats to Voting Rights

by Tracey Brieger, Bay Rising

From initially limiting voting rights only to white male property-owners, to the creation of the electoral college, to modern day legalized voter suppression through voter identification laws, democracy in the U.S. has been hardwired since its inception to undermine the principle of “one person, one vote.” Read more »

Connecting Tragedy to the Larger Crisis

Jessamyn here, wanting to share my thoughts:

The #Ghostship fire has me in deep despair. I'm mourning the loss of so many people...creatives and friends of friends. The loss continues to grow as we learn more. 

As I grieve, I'm remembering our old office that was across the street from where the family and friends' crisis center is now located at the sheriff's office on E12th and Miller Ave/25th, just blocks from the fire. Read more »


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