January 2018

Launching Campaign to Lift Up Our Schools & Communities

The Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2018 - a November 2018 ballot initiative will restore over $11 Billion annually to California’s schools, community colleges and local services. "As California leads the resistance, we must also fight proactively for the future we deserve – the best schools, health care for all, safe neighborhoods, justice and opportunity for all Californians."  Read more »

Canvass for Cannabis

The cannabis industry is estimated to reach $20 Billion annually by 2020 -- let's make sure that our Black and Brown communities that were attacked by the war on drugs are the first to benefit from the policy change. Read more »

Growing in the New Year

As we turn ten years old in 2018, our staff is expanding. With excitement, we hired a well-seasoned Oakland organizer and relationship builder as our first ever Political Director, Reverend Damita Davis-Howard. Additionally, this past fall we hired Nemo Curiel as Movement Technology Manager and Elly Rhee as Operations and Executive Manager. Read more »

King’s Legacy Lives on Strong

Proving that our youth are game changers for a revolution, it was a young Martin Luther King Jr. who started to tackle inequality and demand change. Building on that legacy as Youth Organizer, I’ve been working on expanding the political involvement of millennials of color here in Oakland by registering young voters and educating them on the history of the struggle of our people to gain voting rights and in the importance of exercising this right.  Read more »