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Connecting Tragedy to the Larger Crisis

Jessamyn here, wanting to share my thoughts:

The #Ghostship fire has me in deep despair. I'm mourning the loss of so many people...creatives and friends of friends. The loss continues to grow as we learn more. 

As I grieve, I'm remembering our old office that was across the street from where the family and friends' crisis...

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Building the Electorate with Millennials of Color

Millennials – people age 18 to 34 – now make up the largest and most diverse age group in California. With 4 million potential young voters, we have the power to propel forward issues that really matter...

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Post-Election Wrap Up

Watching the results roll in from the November 8th election was both inspiring and terrifying. While California said a resounding YES to funding education, healthcare and reforming the criminal justice system, those who voted for president said yes to fear, hatred and division. 

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Ranked Choice Voting - 1, 2, 3 for Democracy!

Get a refresher on how ranked choice voting works.

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Know Your Rights on Election Day

6 tips to ensure a smooth voting experience. Do your part and VOTE!

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Providing A Training Ground for Organizers

Meet our emerging leaders who provide amazing leadership, training, and support to our powerhouse outreach crew.

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Our Fall Field Campaign Plans


Oakland Rising is throwing down for Yes on Measure JJ to protect Oakland renters, and also working with our statewide partners through California Calls to talk with thousands of voters about three game-changing propositions:

• Prop 55 will maintain funding for education and...

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Our Op-Ed: Support Measure RR to Keep BART on Track

Executive Director, Jessamyn Sabbag, and EBASE's Campaign Director, Jahmese Myres, co-authored an Op-Ed in the Oakland Post about Measure RR, to keep BART on track.  

Check it out in our Press Page at this link!

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Prop 55: A Big Deal for California Students

November 8, California voters will be asked to extend a tax on our state's wealthiest residents (those making over $250K), with the funds generated being used to continue funding education.

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Help Us Raise $30K in 7 Days!

We met our goal! Thanks to supporters like you, we will talk with 21,000 Oakland voters about supporting measures and propositions that will bring real change to our communities, like...

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