October 2010

New Tool! Find Your Polling Place

Our cool new tool can show you how to get to your polling place! Check just to be sure you've going to the right place. Read more »

Redford Center selects Esperanza Tervalon-Daumont as 2010 Art of Activism Award Recipient

Dear Friends~

Like you, I have committed my career to fighting for justice, equity and democracy for workers, low-income people, communities of color and the broader electorate.  We don't do this work for acclaim or fame, but out of a deep sense of duty and responsibility to the communities we come from and serve. As I enter the second month of my second year at Oakland Rising, I am honored to share some humbling news that we hope will bring greater awareness and attention to the amazing work and accomplishments of Oakland Rising.

I have the honor of being the (Robert) Redford Center 2010 Art of Activism Award Recipient.  On November 11th, the Redford Center will host a special award ceremony with Newark Mayor, Corey Booker at the Sundance Kabuki Cinema in San Francisco. Read more »

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