January 2011

On To The Next One... June 2011 Special Election

It wouldn't be California if we didn't have at least one Special Election each year, right? Although the final date and ballot items are still being decided, we can count on having a Statewide Special Election this June.   Read more »

Putting Oakland To Work

"I'm ready to work, when is the next campaign?"  The voice coming through the phone is tinged with urgency, excitement and a glimmer of hope. 

Field Team Leader Dayna Williams has received one of these phone calls at least two to three times a day, everyday since the close of Oakland Rising's 2010 campaign cycle. On the other side of the call is likely one of the 111 people hired from Oakland Rising’s target neighborhoods and communities, who spent six days a week for five and a half weeks, as a paid member of Oakland Rising's field team. 

Read more »

Oakland Welcomes Mayor Jean Quan!

On Monday January 3, 2010, Oakland welcomed it's new Mayor- Jean Quan! The election of the 1st Asian-American and woman Mayor of a major US city has made national headlines and marks an unforgettable moment in Oakland's history. The Oakland Rising team joined in the celebration and attended the inaugural ceremony at the Fox Theatre in Uptown Oakland. Read more »

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