October 2011

Andre Rawlins, A beloved member of the Oakland Rising Family Passed Away

On October 23rd, 2011 Andre Rawlins passed away. The Oakland Rising family will truly miss him. Andre leaves behind his father, Pastor Albert Wayne Rawlins Sr., his step mother Joyce Rawlins, an extended family, and most tragic of all his only child, Mathew Rawlins. Read more »

Esperanza meets w/ the ladies at Ignite CA

On October 13th,2011,Esperanza Tervalon-Daumont, the Executive Director of Oakland Rising, shared with the women of Ignite CA her personal story and approach to civic engagement in the city she calls home; Oakland. Read more »

Oakland Special Election Voter Guide

Although Oakland Rising isn’t taking any positions on any of the three ballot measures, we want to make sure that Oakland voters have the access to information about what the measures are and will do in Oakland.

Oakland is having a mail-in only special election on Tuesday, November 15th.

(Ver version del Guia Para Votantes en Espanol abajo) Read more »

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