June 2012

California’s Day of Reckoning

California is facing its “day of reckoning,” according to Governor Jerry Brown, who recently released his revised budget proposal, revealing a deficit of $15.7 billion. In his May 14th statement, the Governor said that the budget deficit has increased by $7 billion since his original projections in January due to revenues being less than expected. Read more »

Todos Somos Oakland

“Todos somos Oakland” means we are all Oakland. For the last 20 days, our Daily Team members have been talking to their neighbors, voters in East & West Oakland, because we believe that by working together we can build an Oakland for everyonePoised to reach 10,000 Oakland voters in time for the June Primary, Oakland Rising has been polling voters to understand the issues that will motivate them to get to the polls for the June and November elections. Read more »

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