February 2010

Oakland Rising Throws Down for Ranked Choice Voting - and WINS!

In the next 7 months Oakland Rising will be contacting at least 20,000 voters in the flatlands to talk with them about Ranked Choice Voting (also known as Instant Runoff Voting).  In November 2010, voters will be using Ranked Choice Voting for the first time since it was approved by 68% in the November 2006 election.  It's been a battle to get City Council to move it forward, but we're finally on the path!  Below is an article written by our Field Director that outlines the struggle and the victory of Instant Runoff (Ranked Choice) Voting. Read more »

Everyone in Oakland Counts!

It's time again for the national Census. Oakland Rising is working with it's coalition partners to ensure that everyone is counted -- especially low-income people, communities of color, undocumented immigrants and formerly incarcerated persons. Read more »

Instant Runoff Voting Passes City Council!

On Tuesday, January 5th, 2010, Oakland's City Council finally voted to start using Instant Runoff Voting (IRV).  This means that Oakland will no longer have June Primary Elections for local elected officials, but rather a ranked choice election of candidates, including Mayor, in November.  Various governmental and community groups will work together starting Spring 2010 to educate voters about the changes they can expect at the ballot box. Read more »

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