December 2017

Organizing Delivers The Goods: Residents Win Against A’s Laney College Location

Victory was ours last week as the Peralta College Board of Trustees decided to side with the community and end negotiation talks with the A’s.  Read more »

Mobilizing the Youth Vote in 2017 and Beyond

Voters of color matter and make the difference, especially in close races, as election results in Alabama reminded us this week. In a state plagued with voter suppression, Black voters overcame disenfranchising barriers and showed up in larger numbers. Similarly, here in Oakland we want to increase civic engagement among our young people of color. Learn about our fall 2017 voter registration campaign, and plans for 2018. Read more »

Youth Power 2017: From Rooted Resilience to Rising Power

Albuquerque does not look anything like the East Oakland neighborhood in which I grew up, yet the lessons that I learned from touring their International District apply just the same. When you can bring people together who care about their community, change can be accomplished regardless of who is in power. Read more »

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