August 2018

Turning Organizers into Technologists

This past April, Oakland Rising launched the Movement Technology Fellowship to support our member organizations to expand their capacity by cultivating organizers and leaders with technological tools. Read more »

Expanding Strategic Communications Capacity and Collaboration

Laneisha reports back on the Netroots Conference and the Bay Rising Communications Fellowship.  Read more »

Oakland Rising Goes to Washington

This month staff went went to Seattle to cross-train with canvass vets at Washington’s oldest social justice grassroots organization, Washington Community Action Network. Read more »

We All Count! Count Us All!

With the 2020 Census less than two years away, California is at serious risk of an undercount and losing billions of dollars in Medicaid, SNAP, and Medicare resources as well as a congressional seat. Submit a public comment by AUGUST 6  to ensure that we all count! Read more »

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