Oakland Rising Voter Engagement Director Jon Bean joined us this Monday Meals to talk about campaigns we’re working on this year. Learn more about our plans with budgets for both the City of Oakland and Alameda County, implementation of the Democracy Dollars program, and more!

“The budget is important. Where the money goes, you always wanna follow where the money goes…. For our partners, they definitely have the people in mind. It’s the peoples budget. They’re really focusing on housing, they’re really focusing on folks that have been formerly-incarcerated and building up those services, Black and Brown, flatland Oaklanders is the main focus, and improving their lives in each way they can.” -Jon Bean

“Paying attention to not only the City of Oakland budget but paying attention to the board of supervisors and the county budget, I think is going to be huge for us. And then also we have a newly elected district attorney, which you know we are going to be keeping our eye on and holding her accountable for all the things that she mentioned while she was running and we turned out and we got her in the seat and now we’re going to look for that accountability.” -Jon Bean