Voter Education & Mobilization

Our work to win long-term political power and progressive policy victories by changing the civic engagement landscape includes building power, social capital and engagement through issue education, advocacy and mobilization. We bring often-excluded voices into the conversation and change the debate. Running 2-3 voter outreach campaigns per year, we reach tens of thousands of low-income, immigrant and voters of color in English, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin. Our base includes over 59,000 supportive voters — 25% of Oakland’s electorate.

Lifting the collective voices of voters who’ve been historically and intentionally left out of the decision making process, we create a more inclusive democracy that pushes for progressive policy reform including worker protections and anti-displacement measures.

Our civic engagement model brings the brilliance of Oakland’s Black, Latino, API and formerly incarcerated folks to the forefront of this work. Partnering with re-entry organizations, we recruit and hire formerly incarcerated Oaklanders for our paid team of voter outreach workers. Our hiring practices are part of a holistic approach to manifesting the kind of racial justice that shakes a fist of righteous indignation at America’s current democratic process.

Our program employs 45 to 115 residents annually:

  • 80% Black
  • 80% previously incarcerated or directly impacted by the system
  • 95% from Oakland’s flatlands

We are building on-going political infrastructure while advancing progressive racial justice education and policy with voters who are often left out of the political process. Our powerful team of unlikely advocates for democracy reach tens of 1000s of voters each year – always with a commitment to racial and economic policies that help to change the conditions for our base.

Through bringing together our voter outreach effort with our commitment to hire formerly incarcerated Oaklanders to talk with voters, we are advancing a new face for advocacy and racial and economic justice in the political landscape.




570 14th Street, Suite 1
Oakland, CA 94612

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