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Fair Elections Oakland

We’re working to create an Oakland where our local elected representatives are more accountable to the community, not money. Fair Elections Oakland would create a small donor public financing campaign enabling all voters to financially back candidates we like, and let candidates focus on their communities instead of chasing big money. Each voter would receive several vouchers totaling $100 to give to their candidate(s) of choice, boosting the power of small donors!  This shift helps give home-grown candidates the means to run and allows candidates to focus their time and attention on the community members who they’ll be representing rather than the real estate developers and billionaire corporations who’ve been the major driving force of Oakland’s political landscape. As we continue the fight to take our communities beyond recovery from the pandemic, it is crucial we have the power to elect people who truly represent us, and not just the interests of the wealthy few.

We’ve seen a similar system succeed in Seattle where they’ve moved power back into the hands of neighbors. If qualified to the ballot, Fair Elections Oakland would bring together flatlands folks, working-class communities, and communities of color to help level the playing field for community-backed candidates who will drive a progressive platform and vision for our communities. That includes more money for our schools, affordable housing, real community safety, parks, mental health programs, and more. It’s time to give Oaklanders more voice in who runs Oakland. 

New to the small donor voucher concept? Check out our launch event which included a panel discussion and presentation of campaign finance data. And learn more about how high-dollar donors and special-interest groups continue to play a major role in funding candidates in Oakland’s local elections in MapLight’s New Analysis: Campaign Cash: The Outsized Role of Money in Oakland Elections.”

Fair Elections Oakland includes Oakland Rising; the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California; Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus; Bay Rising; CA Common Cause; League of Women Voters Oakland; and MapLight. For more information, visit us at

Invest in Our Oakland

A new tax structure could save essential city services and provide protections for small businesses without increasing the tax burden on residents and homeowners. We’re working to qualify the Invest in Our Oakland measure to November’s ballot so that we can transform our business tax structure and provide protections to our most impacted communities. The measure will generate $40 million for essential city services to address our unhoused neighbors’ needs, provide public safety alternatives to police, clean our streets and our parks, and keep libraries open.

It’s time to modernize Oakland’s outdated 20 year-old regressive business tax structure. This is our chance to hold big wealthy corporations accountable to paying their fair share of taxes and provide tax relief to more than 20,000 small businesses in Oakland struggling to make ends meet.

Oakland Rising is a member of the Invest in Our Oakland Coalition which community members, workers, small business owners, and faith leaders uniting behind Councilmembers Bas and Fife’s initiative as we work to qualify it to the ballot. Learn more at

Alameda County District Attorney Race

Did you know that the District Attorney holds immense power in deciding the fate of individuals, their families, loved ones, and the community at large? The DA can decide who to charge and who not to charge, resentencing, as well as the power to choose alternatives to incarceration such as diversion programs that include restorative justice or substance abuse recovery.

You can learn more about how the DA impacts our lives by listening to our Monday Meals conversation with special guests, Danny Thongsy, Campaign Coordinator at Justice Reinvestment Coalition, J Vasquez, Policy & Legal Services Manager at, and Oakland Rising’s own Deputy Director, Jon Bean.




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