Executive Director, Jessamyn Sabbag, Transitioning from Oakland Rising

Our Executive Director, Jessamyn Sabbag, is announcing her transition from Oakland Rising and Oakland Rising Action at the end of the calendar year. We thank Jessamyn for her 12 years of service to Oakland – her dedication to building up our local progressive leadership and power, as well as her commitment to fighting for racial, economic and environmental justice for the flatlands of Oakland.

Defund OPD Survey Findings

It is time to shift power and dollars away from police and incarceration and reinvest in the relief and resilience of The Town’s Black and Brown communities. The Administration and City Council have committed to a 50% (~$150 million) decrease in Oakland Police Department (OPD)’s budget in the next year.

The Coalition released a survey to capture the community’s thoughts on priority areas of police operations that should be defunded, community programs and services that should be re-funded, and “Reimagining Public Safety” Task Force leadership. Thanks to everyone who participated in the community-led and informed Defund OPD survey, our coalition gathered almost 2,000 responses on what a funded Oakland can look like.

Coalition Demands

Join us in putting pressure on Alameda County and City of Oakland elected officials to roll back their militarized repression and defend Black lives! From Dujuan Armstrong to Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, help us say BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Police Free Schools

The resolution, written by the Black Organizing Project, proposes to eliminate the department and its sworn officers entirely. It would also direct the Superintendent to use these funds for alternative restorative justice solutions to meet the needs of students and a community-driven process to create a safety District plan.

Schools and Communities First

California voters have the opportunity to bring in an extra $12 billion in annual revenue for schools, community programs, and city services to this upcoming November election.

Our Mission

Oakland Rising educates and mobilizes voters in the flatlands to speak up for and take charge of the issues impacting our lives. We are a multilingual, multiracial collaborative with deep roots in East and West Oakland’s…

Our Vision

We envision an Oakland that realizes our shared dreams of health, happiness, safety and opportunity for all. A Town that stands for progress and sustainability, that models what is possible in American cities of the 21st century.

The Collaborative

We connect progressive organizations and activists, community members, leaders, labor and faith-based institutions to Oakland’s progressive political electoral and movement building work.

What’s New?

Announcing My Transition from Oakland Rising

Announcing My Transition from Oakland Rising

Dear Friends,With my hands and heart trembling with excitement and tenderness, I am writing to share that I am transitioning out of my role as Executive Director of Oakland Rising and Oakland Rising Action at the end of this calendar year. It has been my deepest honor...

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What do you think community-led safety looks like?

What do you think community-led safety looks like?

Last week, the Mayor and City Council had an opportunity to stand for Black Lives by investing millions into community services, but they failed to answer the call of the people. Councilmembers Bas and Kaplan had put forth a proposal to reallocate an additional $11.4...

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Who Keeps Us Safe? We Keep Us Safe! *Take Action Today*

Who Keeps Us Safe? We Keep Us Safe! *Take Action Today*

How are you doing as we’re about to hit the six month mark of sheltering in place?  I’m sending you all health, love and solidarity as we buckle down for another few months of Covid-19. Between caring for my baby and zoom calls, I’ve been thinking about how...

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Defund OPD Townhall

Defund OPD Townhall

“All budgets are reflections of our city’s values and what our city prioritizes in giving our money to. It’s really about showing what we care about.” Thank you to everyone who came out to last night’s Defund OPD Townhall! We had over 350 people join us as we went...

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