Frankie Ramos, Deputy Director of Campaigns and Organizing of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice and Jose Bernal, Organizing Director of Ella Baker Center joined us this Monday Meals to talk about the Alameda County Landscape. Learn more about the power of the Board of Supervisors, the impact that county level politics has on our lives, and more!

“The decision making power that they [the Board of Supervisors] have, that’s just a little bit more removed it feels like, and I think that’s part of why they are able to get away with a lot and be as conservative as they are and also hold on to power.” -Frankie Ramos

“When we’re talking about funding the that things we need, the vital infrastructure in our communities whether that’s having paved streets or having libraries and making sure schools don’t shut down and having lunches for kids, a lot of that comes through the county.” -Jose Bernal