Pecolia Manigo, Political Director of Oakland Rising spoke with Jose Bernal of Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Saabir Lockett of East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE) on the latest get out the vote efforts just in time for the 2024 Primary Election. Listen back to hear about the importance of voting and shaping in our communities.

“An informed voter is an important voter. It’s not enough to just say “I’m gonna vote.” – what does it mean to actually be informed on key issues and policies?” – Saabir Lockett, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy

“Voting is one of the few levers we have to hold the system accountable. If it wasn’t important, all these billionaires – think about it – they drop billions because they understand the formula. That’s how they get what they want. That’s how they put us down. By design it’s that way. So it’s our job as organizers, as folks with lived experiences, to be the credible messengers – to say brother, sister, your voice really matters.” – Jose Bernal, Ella Baker Center