We talked with Olivia Udovic, Kindergarten Teacher at Manzanita SEED & Oakland Education Association Executive Board Member about the status of the fight in Oakland for safe, stable, racially just, community schools with the resources they need to succeed! Learn more about ongoing negotiations with Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), bargaining demands, and more!

“The salary issue is really critical to our students’ success because there’s so much teacher turnover. And we really need stable schools for our students. Our students really need folks who are experienced, folks who aren’t worried about making the rent.” -Olivia Udovic

“The Reparations for Black Students policy that was passed almost a year ago now… the resources we need in our schools, instead of police, haven’t been given the funding that the district promised. So you can have beautiful anti racist policy and language and slogans and Facebook profiles, but if there’s no funding behind it, it means nothing.” -Olivia Udovic