We talked with Kijani Edwards, Oakland ACCE Director about the upcoming opportunities for you to have your voice heard in the development of our city budget at the in-district community budget forums! Tune in to learn more about how you can support the efforts of the Oakland People’s Budget coalition to advocate for a more equitable and balanced budget that meets the needs of all Oaklanders and more!

“They’re going to do a hiring freeze in a lot of positions in the city. I would like to see more money go into filling those positions… If you go all over Oakland, a lot of tenants that I see in the Flatlands in Oakland, they complain about habitability issues because basically there’s nobody enforcing tenants rights. If you call code enforcement, either no one comes out or there’s no response or anything that happens from there. To know that those positions are vacant, they’re short staffed ,and they won’t be filled for another two years disheartens us.”-Kijani

“The wins that we were able to do in the last budget cycle fight was because we had a lot of people show up. Hundreds of people showed up, and we need to fill those town halls. We need to fill up City Hall and let them know what we want to see on this budget.”- liz suk