We spent some time welcoming our new Policy Director Pecolia Manigo, discussing new developments with the OEA teacher’s strike, what’s happening with the City and County Budgets, and explaining what you can expect with the OUSD D5 Board Seat vacancy! Tune in to learn more about how Pecolia’s wealth of experience and deep understanding of community issues will help Oakland Rising continue to build progressive political power in the Town, and more!

“We as residents work in our city government. We as residents have to make our city government more adaptive to the needs of the community. The budget is going to move us forward to some degree on that. But how the budget becomes real is us pushing for it to become real.” -Pecolia Manigo

“We have every right to ask where our resources are going. And if those priorities don’t match up with what we’re talking about, what we really need, then it’s the responsibility of the council and the mayor to adjust, which will be the process moving forward. The council has the next couple of weeks to adjust and deliver a balanced budget by June 30. I hope that any of you that are watching or will watch participate in the process. Lift up if you think that the mayor’s proposed budget is representing us as a city, and if it’s not, put your opinion about what you think are really the priorities. We all have different experiences, but we also all love Oakland.”- Pecolia Manigo