“How are we actually building consistent power? How are we building consistent leaders and changemakers in our community? That is at the core of having an integrated voter engagement strategy in our work. These are people who know us, who trust us and are ready to take action with us.” -Cynthia Morfin, IVE Manager

“[…] remembering our history, remembering our legacies of resistance, remembering our legacies of wanting to fight despite being faced with violence — whether active or systemic. We have that strength within us because the previous generations had that strength as well.” -Stevie Gaona, Volunteer Organizer

We’re back with another Monday Meals to welcome a new member of our team, Stevie Gaona, Volunteer Organizer with Oakland Rising. They’ll be joined by Cynthia Morfin, IVE Manager at OR to share more about what’s happening on the ground with our integrated voter engagement and core leaders program.