Thank you Ndidi Love from East Bay Anti-Displacement Collective for joining us on Monday Meals to talk about the how, where, when, why to vote. As Ndidi shared, “I always knew that my vote was the vote for my family’s subsistence and keeping that legacy alive. My mother did things to ensure that we can vote as Black people and Black women. And, so, I have to keep those things going.”

Why is it critical that we show up this election – and every election? liz suk breaks it down: “This electoral system is not made for us. It’s not made for our people. It is built, and continually rethought of, retuned, to find ways to not be accessible to our people. It is designed from the very beginning to leave out Black folks, to leave out people of color, to leave out poor people, to leave out immigrants. It is meant to do those things. BUT WE HAVE A RIGHT.”

“Voting and continuing that legacy of people who lost their lives, who received bodily harm, who worked and dedicated their life to ensure that someone like me, little old me, can vote and share their opinion about things. For me, its tantamount. I will always make sure that I stay Black, pay taxes and vote. And so for me, it’s going to be a lifelong thing, and I’m voting down the ballot now, all the way down the ballot. And so I’m making sure I do my part.” -Ndidi Love