Leaders Saabir Lockett from our partner East Bay Alliance for Sustainable Economy and Jose Bernal from our partner Ella Baker Center joined us this Monday Meals to breakdown the preliminary election results. How will the election results impact us now and the future of Oakland, Alameda County, and CA?

“It really is not just a historical moment for Alameda County. I think it really is right now at a time when “progressive” district attorneys has been under attack and it’s been polarized in the media. This really sends a message to not just Alameda county, but California and the nation… The message out there is we are tired of locking black and brown folks up, we need complete change, we need an entire overhaul of the system.” -Jose Bernal

“It is really critical that people understand the difference between a legislative body and an administrative body. The mayors office is the administrative body so when folks want to see why isn’t anything being done, it’s because it’s stonewalled at the administrative body which the mayor controls. That’s one of the things that’s really critical about the mayors race, because the person that becomes mayor, if they have a great relationship with the council, then city council can do a lot for their districts.”- Saabir Lockett