Today’s Monday Meal we learned about the REAL People’s Fund with core member and Portfolio Director, Laurika Harris-Kaye! 

“What’s really special about what we’re doing at REAL People’s Fund is this kind of support system where it’s not just like ‘oh here’s the money good luck’ but we’re actually helping people through the advising to put it into place, to grow sustainably, and there’s this deep community of all movement groups and other entrepreneurs.”

The REAL People’s Fund stands for Revolutionizing our Economy for All Local People. Founded and democratically governed by six East Bay community organizing groups (Oakland Rising, Restore Oakland, Restaurant Opportunities Center, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Communities for a Better Environment and Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment), the REAL People’s Fund is a $10M community capital program offering equitable access to finance for small businesses in the historically disinvested East Bay community. Our goal is to build economic power and expand opportunity for everyday people by directly addressing the systemic failures that prevent Black, Indigenous, and entrepreneurs of color from accessing the financing their businesses need to thrive.