“We live under capitalism. We live under racism. We live under all these systems that are designed to break our bodies down, designed to prioritize our labor, but they aren’t really designed to keep our communities healthy.” – Joy George

Pecolia Manigo was joined by Joy George, Healing Justice Campaigner at Restore Oakland for a Monday Meals discussion on updates around the Alameda County budget and the Care First, Jail Last policy implementation. Joy George (she/her) is a facilitator, organizer, healer, writer and researcher grounded deeply in restorative and transformative practices. Born and raised in the Bronx as a daughter and sister of Nigerian diaspora, Joy has been contributing to a larger arc of collective liberation through social research on racial trauma, healing modalities and resilience building, and facilitating transformative processes in the US and around the world.

Her journey includes receiving a BA in Political Science and Black Studies from Swarthmore College, and working closely with the teams of the Restorative Justice Institute of Maine, Mindbridge and YES!. Currently, Joy works at Restore Oakland Inc. working to advance Healing Justice in Alameda County.