On October 23rd, 2011 Andre Rawlins passed away. The Oakland Rising family will truly miss him. Andre leaves behind his father, Pastor Albert Wayne Rawlins Sr., his step mother Joyce Rawlins, an extended family, and most tragic of all his only child, Mathew Rawlins.

Contributions & Donations can be made to:
Albert W. Rawlins Sr.
7408 Outlook Ave.
Oakland, CA 94605

Home Coming Services will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, October 28th, 2011 at:
Ministry of Grace
825 Athens Ave.
Oakland, CA 94607

Andre came to Oakland Rising thru his work with the Black Organizing Project. Andre was a founding and very active member of BOP up to his passing. He served on the BOP steering committee and as a core member of BOPs organizing staff. He specialized in outreach, member development, campaign development, creating a support space for black men, community events and community resources. Andre also served as an Unofficial Chaplain for BOP. He was a great organizer who had a love for the people. Andre graduated from CTWO’s Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program in 2010. He continued to volunteer for CTWO as a trainer for our Community Action Training.

Andre has worked as an Oakland Rising daily team member for over a year. Andre was a cornerstone of our daily team; bringing calm to tense moments, jokes to keep the laughter going and consistent and principled commitment to changing the lives of low-income, immigrant and communities of color in Oakland. Andre joined Oakland Rising’s daily team after working with the Center For Third World Organizing’s Black Organizing Project. Andre was one of Oakland Rising’s most vibrant change-makers. He will be dearly missed.