This November Oakland Rising is striving to make major progress on huge issues impacting our daily lives – from protecting renters to funding our schools to reforming the broken criminal justice system. As the media continues to make a spectacle of the elections by focusing on the theatrics of the presidential race, many of us end up feeling turned off and disengaged from the election. But we know that there are exciting local and state ballot measures that are too important not to focus on – that’s why this past week we launched our BIGGEST campaign yet!

We’ll be contacting 20,988 Oakland voters to ensure we pass transformative policies for our communities. This is Oakland’s largest campaign. Our 44 person-strong outreach team will be knocking on doors and calling voters to make sure folks know the importance of voting on November 8th. We’re talking to voters about 4 game-changing issues:

  • Measure JJ – Protect Oakland Renters!
  • Prop 55 – Tax the 1% to Fund Education & Healthcare
  • Prop 57 – Reform the Broken Parole & Juvenile Justice Systems
  • Prop 56 – Tax Cigarettes & Pay for Healthcare

It’s going to take voters coming out in full force to create these changes. Please pitch in by volunteering or donating to our efforts.




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Oakland, CA 94612

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Oakland Rising is a project from our hearts for the people of Oakland. Thank you for your contribution!