Are you or someone you know ready to lead an organization that: 
1) Makes immediate direct impacts towards racial and economic justice;
2) Builds the power of the people over the long term; and 
3) Synergizes like-minded organizations to be greater together than individually?
These unprecedented times call for us all to come together to build a collective vision for a progressive Oakland. We’re quickly approaching the new year which means new phases of leadership – nationally and locally – and that includes at Oakland Rising.

As we prepare for Executive Director, Jessamyn Sabbag’s transition, we’re seeking a new leader to continue her bold leadership and legacy of forward-moving community organizing, base building and coalition-building. If you or someone you know would be a great fit and leader for our organization, please apply here. The application deadline is November 13th.
As a collaborative of nine leading-edge social justice organizations and a leader in regional and statewide coalitions, we are looking for someone rooted in values of racial and economic justice to lead our innovative and impactful political power building work.