March 2018

Come Out Saturday 3/24 in Support of Child Care & Early Education Access

This June, we have the chance to pass Measure A – Alameda County’s Initiative for Child Care and Early Education – which would bring $140 Million annually to help more families access affordable childcare and stabilize early educators by increasing their pay to $15/hour. Read more »

Signatures Needed to Bring $11 Billion to California Schools & Community Services

Imagine having access to medical care despite your income level or employment status. Imagine our youth thriving by having California schools rise up from near last (41st!) in the country back to the top 5 in student investment. Imagine the potholes of our streets filled in, our libraries open 7 days a week, our parks clean and safe, and affordable housing development properly funded. Read more »

Black Panther Delivers Messages for the Black Organizer

As a movie fanatic, I finally encountered a movie -- Black Panther -- that validates some of my thoughts as a Black individual in the U.S. Read more »


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