Get ready to come to your door and answer your phone! With the Primary less than a month away, we are running a winter Civic Engagement Program to reach voters on the most pressing issues impacting our communities this year. Our mission is clear – to ensure that every resident of Oakland and Alameda County has access to affordable housing, quality education, and essential city services.

We’re phone banking and going door-to-door to ask our neighbors about their thoughts on:

  • the current state of housing, education, and services in Oakland
  • initiatives our elected officials should prioritize in our communities
  • public safety and addressing the root causes of violence by investing in resources, violence prevention, and community development
  • the influence of wealthy corporations and billionaires in our political landscape and the need for stricter regulations to stop the influence and manipulation of our democratic process
  • aligning Alameda County recall procedures with state law, ensuring that recall elections coincide with general elections for greater efficiency and participation

Oakland Rising is excited to continue our work with We Are California in 2024, a statewide, people-powered movement working to create a California where ALL of us are valued, regardless of where we were born, the color of our skin, who we love, or how much money we make. We Are California brings together grassroots organizations throughout the state, connecting leaders to create the future we deserve. Wealthy corporations rely on their corporate lobbyists, but we have the power of the people.

Voters have the power to shift the political landscape and we need you at the ballot box this upcoming Primary Election on March 5th, 2024. Your vote can ensure that our communities receive the proper representation and funding for years to come.

Will you pledge to vote in the California Primary and make your voice heard this election season?

If you need more info on how to cast your ballot, check out our Know Your Voting Rights page!

Remember that you have the power to create a much safer and equitable Oakland and Alameda County for all.