Our elected officials will vote on how to spend tens of Millions of public dollars this month. Right now, the Mayor’s budget would spend the majority of our money (the general purpose fund – city taxes, fees and surcharges) on police and police overtime.

As a member of the ReFund Oakland Coalition, we believe we need funding to address Oakland’s biggest issues, including housing and homelessness, crumbling streets and too many low-wage jobs. City Council should pass a people’s budget that truly serves Oakland’s residents and workers.

A people’s budget would include funding for:

  • homelessness and housing,
  • workers’ rights and job training,
  • renter/tenant protections,
  • sanctuary for immigrants, and
  • much needed community services.

The city council could vote on the budget as early as June 10, so your Councilmember needs to hear from YOU today!

WILL YOU CALL your Council member and tell them to pass the ReFund Oakland people’s budget that prioritizes funding for the services Oakland residents really need? [FIND YOUR DISTRICT HERE]

Council phone numbers:

  • D1 Dan Kalb: (510) 238-7001
  • D2 Nikki Fortunato Bas: (510) 238-7002
  • D3 Lynette Gibson McElhaney: (510) 238-7003
  • D4 Sheng Thai: (510) 238-7004
  • D5 Noel Gallo: (510) 238-7005
  • D6 Loren Taylor: (510) 238-7006
  • D7 Larry Reid: : (510) 238-7007

It is likely that no one will answer, in which case you would leave a message. Just leave your name, where you live (street name or council district), and that you urge them to pass the ReFund Oakland budget.

Every single call carries a wave of impact. Let’s flood their offices in support of a People’s Budget!




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