Just 88 days until the critical November elections which will inform America’s leadership who will shape policy and funding for our communities in the next years to come. We’ve experienced a global health pandemic, racial justice uprisings throughout the country, and countless attacks on our voter rights and freedoms. What a year so far — but now is not the time to tire. Will you join us in educating and mobilizing Oakland voters so that we can pass changes that leave us stronger for the future?

We’ve seen our schools and our communities take some of the biggest hits in funding, further exacerbated by the Mayor’s approved mid-cycle budget. We continue to see corporations rake in the money and become more wealthy by the day despite the health pandemic -while our city services and communities continue to suffer. It is time for us to flip the script.

Oakland voters have the opportunity this November to vote YES on Proposition 15, the Schools and Communities First initiative, which will close corporate property tax loopholes and generate over $12 billion ($781 million for Alameda County) in funding annually for California’s schools and colleges, and other community services like public health clinics. It also provides new small business tax cuts for those hit hardest by the crisis. It is our opportunity to level the playing field for all businesses, hold wealthy billionaire corporations accountable and make sure they pay their fair share in property taxes.

People over profits – No more corporate bailouts, no more corporate exemptions. It is time for California to focus on a full recovery from the crisis and reinvest in the future.

We need a full reinvestment in Oakland — one that will focus and prioritize funding for our flatland communities of color. We deserve investments in education, health care, small businesses, and local government. We need your help to make this a reality.

Help us reach Oakland voters and educate them on how YES on Proposition 15 will fund our schools and communities for years to come. We have phone AND text volunteer opportunities available (from home) all of August! We provide all the training and materials.

To sign-up to CALL voters, please visit (case-sensitive): bit.ly/ORphone

To sign-up to TEXT voters, please visit (case-sensitive): bit.ly/ORtexts

There has been so much confusing information and rapid changes about the elections this year. It can feel confusing and disorienting. You can help us make a difference this election and remind people why their vote matters despite the many attacks on our voting rights this year. Voter suppression and disenfranchisement has been a tactic used over and over throughout history to barr the voice of Black and Brown people from the creation of policies and funding that will help us all thrive. But we stand on the foundation of our Black leadership and the history of liberation movements to ensure the legacy of our heritage was not in vain. 

Oakland Rising is here to help make sense through all the noise.