With the legalization of marijuana in California this month, we believe that those who have systematically been criminalized by the war on drugs should be the first to benefit from this budding new industry. It’s time to replace what was once a weapon to harm Black and Brown communities with a tool to strengthen them. Our friends at The Hood Incubator are doing that by bringing racial equity into the cannabis industry as it becomes legalized statewide this year.

We’re thrilled to host their phonebanks over the next few weeks at our office.

Please sign up for a phonebanking shift with The Hood Incubator today to make sure Black and Brown folks benefit from this economic opportunity! Shifts are Monday through Friday from 4 to 9pm — come whenever you can during the shift!

Help inform Oakland residents living in the police beats that were over-policed during the war on drugs that the City of Oakland has a program to assist them in entering the permitted legal cannabis business. Under this program, those who may have been harmed by the war on drugs will not only receive assistance in opening a permitted cannabis business, but also access to real estate through the city’s incubator program and most importantly funding through the city’s 0% to low interest loan for equity applicants.

Please sign up for a shift this week! In order to contact over 5,000 residents in just 2 months, they need over 100 volunteers to phonebank and canvass their neighbors.

The cannabis industry is estimated to reach $20 Billion annually by 2020 — let’s make sure that our Black and Brown communities that were attacked by the war on drugs are the first to benefit from the policy change.




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