This May with Bay Rising, California Calls and We Are California, we launched our first field campaign since the beginning of the pandemic. The Healthy Future Program CA pushes for health equity, ensuring our most impacted communities have the access to and information about getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

JOIN OUR TEAM! We’re hiring social justice advocates to knock doors with us. Learn more.

We know:

  • Communities of color face much higher rates of infection and hospitalization from COVID-19 than their white counterparts.
  • Policies and political decisions have fueled deep health disparities in BIPOC communities, putting them at more risk of illness, death and lack of quality health care.
  • Deep inequities surrounded the COVID-19 vaccine rollout – our outreach program aims to inform our communities of their options and give them access and assistance in getting vaccinated.

BIPOC communities have been the most devastated by COVID-19. Those in power have chosen who lives or dies from this pandemic based on policy decisions, but we CAN make a difference by coming together. As a trusted source of information in the community, we are working to educate and mobilize flatland community members so that we can close the gap in vaccine rates. Our walk program is targeting the zip codes hardest hit by COVID-19 to provide information and assist with scheduling vaccination appointments for community members.

We are working to ensure that families, no matter our color, background or zip code, have the vaccines and support we need to pull through this pandemic. When we join together across our differences we can demand a government that cares for us all.