January 2020

A Generation Later, Corporations Are Still Cheating Oakland Kids Out of Good Schools

It’s Schools and Communities First Education Awareness Week. Our Political Director, Liz Suk, is sharing her personal experience with growing up in underfunded Oakland public schools and seeing her daughters share their own personal frustrations growing up in an underfunded school, a generation later.

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We're Hiring Outreach Workers for Winter 2020 - Apply Now!

We're looking for people to join our exciting campaign advancing economic, racial and environmental justice in East & West Oakland. Our team of social justice advocates will educate and mobilize residents around the 2020 Census and the March Primary Election. JOIN OUR TEAM! Read more »

Recognizing Parent Leadership

Field Fundraising Team Member and Activist Super Mom Vernetta Woods received an award from Bay Area PLAN. With two children who have been in Oakland public schools, PLAN recognized Vernetta’s tireless advocating within OUSD in support of both teachers and students. “It’s not just my job – it’s my life,” is how she describes her involvement in bettering school conditions.  Read more »