Update 10.19.16

Because of you, we did it!  We are humbled and moved beyond measure by the overwhelming amount of community support that poured in this past week. Over 150 people stepped up to provide $32,302 in funding needed to keep our campaign team on the phones and at the doors of Oakland voters!

Thanks to supporters like you, we will talk with 21,000 Oakland voters to get to the polls this election and support measures and propositions that will bring real change to our communities, like Measure JJ.  

If you meant to give during the campaign, but missed that window, it’s not too late. 


Can we count on you to pitch in to help fund our effort – the biggest voter outreach operation in Oakland?

Help us seize the opportunity to a) protect Oakland renters and stop the surge of displacement with Measure JJ, b) keep more young people out of prison with Prop 57, and c) make sure schools and health care in California have the funding they need to provide essential services with Props 55 and 56.

As the media continues to make a spectacle of the elections by focusing on the theatrics of the presidential race, many of us end up feeling turned off and disengaged from the election. But we know that there are exciting local and state ballot measures that are too important not to focus on – that’s why last week we launched our BIGGEST campaign yet! – Check out our online voter guide for our positions on the full slate of Oakland measures. And stay tuned for our detailed voter guide covering all state props.

We’ll be contacting 21,000 Oakland voters to ensure we win these transformative policies, in our largest campaign ever. And we do that by employing 44 voter outreach workers born and raised in East and West Oakland – primarily previously incarcerated people. 

Please donate to our effort today!  

With your help, we can bring big wins to the Town this November. We saw what we could accomplish together in 2014 when we increased the minimum wage, established as independent redistricting commission, and won Prop 47 sentencing reform. Let’s continue to win, together!




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