Voter Outreach Worker
We are currently seeking to fill positions on our paid outreach team.  Voter outreach workers will be responsible for contacting thousands of Oakland residents by phone and door-to-door contact.
Schedule:  Canvassers will work 6 days a week for 5-6 hours per day, for 2.5 weeks, starting Tuesday, May 13th and ending Tuesday, June 3rd  Please see calendar for complete schedule.   (Hours and dates are subject to change.)  
Pay: $14 per hour
Food:  Lunch or dinner will be provided each workday
Must be on-time, reliable, and able to work every day listed on the calendar
1.    Dedication to personal improvement and improvement of Oakland
2.    Ability to talk clearly and concisely to hundreds of people a day about issues facing our communities
3.   Ability to work 5-6 hours per day, six days a week, either phone-banking or going door-to-door in East and West Oakland
4.    Physical ability to do lots of walking 
5.    Positive attitude, team player and interest in leadership development
6.   Basic computer skills are a requirement
7.    Ability to fill out accurate daily reports
1.  Ability and willingness to take direction and guidance from Team Leader 
2.  Previous experience working on a campaign, with a community organization, doing sales, or customer service is a plus
3.  Car a definite plus 
4.  Bilingual English-Spanish or English-Cantonese is a plus.  Fluency in English required.
5.  Familiarity with East and West Oakland is a plus.
For further information, please email [email protected] or call 510-261-2600
Oakland Rising, fiscally sponsored by Movement Strategy Center, is an equal opportunity employer. Hiring, promotion, compensation, benefits, discipline, termination and all other employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, national origin, citizenship/immigration status, veteran status or any other protected status.
Employment Dates:  May 13th – June 3rd
Please bring your completed application to the hiring event:  4pm SHARP on Monday, May 5th or Tuesday, May 6th at 570 14th St, Suite 3, downtown Oakland. 
Questions?  Call or Email at:  [email protected] or
NOTE: If you do not have access to email or a printer it is ok to write the answers to the questions on a piece of paper.  Applications must be complete (no questions missing) to be considered for an interview.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Please provide the following info and answer all the questions. 
REFERRED BY (Optional): 
SCHEDULE:  Do you have any scheduling conflicts during the campaign?  If yes or maybe, please provide specific dates and times when you have a conflict.
INTEREST:  Why are you interested in working with Oakland Rising?
COMMUNITY:  What is your community like?  Name 3 improvements that you would like to see in your community?
EXPERIENCE:  Describe your experience working with community groups (such as organizations or churches), or other relevant experience that you think will help qualify you for this position, such as customer service or sales.
STRENGTHS:  What strengths would you bring to this position?
CHALLENGES:  What would be challenging about this position?  How would you like to develop professionally and personally in this position?
SKILLS:  Our positions require people skills and personal discipline and professionalism.  Describe an experience where you used or developed these skills.
POLICIES:  We have strict policies around absences, tardiness, and substance use.  Can you commit to coming to work on time, every day (with the exception of excused absences), and completely sober?  
TRANSPORTATION:  What method of transportation would you use to get to and from work (car, bus, BART, bike, etc)?
LANGUAGES:  Do you speak any languages other than English?  If yes, which?
Spring 2014 Election Campaign Schedule