Oakland Rising Director Jessamy Sabbag appeared on KTVU news this week to talk about the proposed A’s new stadium. [Watch the segment]

When asked about the proposed location and the reasons for pushback, Sabbag commented “first and foremost, we’re talking about one of the most affordable and accessible public education institutions here in Oakland.” She added that “the site is around Chinatown and Eastlake neighborhoods that are historical-cultural neighborhoods that are largely comprised of immigrants and working class people of color who deserve to stay in their neighborhoods and not be impacted by this stadium.”

The Oakland Rising Director also went on to comment on the recently conducted survey: “we did the poll over a couple of weeks, we did phone banking and door knocking … in the end we talked to over 2500 people and there was over 80% support for the A’s to stay in their current location in East Oakland.”

Read more about the poll findings here.




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