In our current national political climate, the word “resistance” is becoming synonymous with 2017. Here in California, and especially in Oakland, we are calling for resistance, protection and advancement…leading the way as we introduce policies to provide not only safety nets but also advance bold policies like the sanctuary state and single payer health care bills. While we pushback against a national agenda that undermines the humanity of our people, we also present a platform to move us forward.

Every year Oakland Rising releases our Vision, Issues and Policy Platform, a collection of the policies that we and our nine partner organizations prioritize to advance racial, economic and environmental justice. From enforcing the renters’ protection ballot measure that we helped pass in November 2016 to reforming property taxes for corporations to overhauling the cash bail system, our collaborative’s priorities provide protections and innovations to the most impacted members of our community. 

As we work to advance these policies, our actions thus far have included talking with thousands of voters, attending a legislative committee hearing, hosting a delegation meeting with Assemblymember Rob Bonta, and more.

Check out the 2017 Vision, Issues and Policy Platform to learn how we resist, protect and advance in this political moment.




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