Spring is a time to clean and get our collective house in order. This week we launched our campaign to bring our budget into alignment with our values by holding the richest corporations in California and Alameda County’s Sheriff Ahern accountable for the neglect and harm they’re piling on our communities.

We all want the best schools for our young people and great parks, libraries, and health clinics in our communities. But today, some of the wealthiest corporations in the world refuse to pay their fair share of property taxes in California which means less money for education, our neighborhoods and the services we all depend on. They rake in record profits while starving schools of funding and keeping our roads full of potholes and hazards.

Let’s get ready to ensure our schools and communities have the resources we need by uniting for the Schools and Communities First initiative on the November 2020 ballot. It’s Time to Invest in Us!

Another way we’re working to get our house in order is by holding Alameda County Sheriff, Gregory Ahern, and his office accountable for their actions that have harmed our community (Get the facts). With our partners at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights leading the fight, we are calling for an audit of the Sheriff’s department which is responsible for:

  • more public money going to payouts for civil rights abuses by deputies than any other county in the region;
  • 34 in-custody deaths under Sheriff Ahern’s watch since 2013;
  • mistreatment and abuse of pregnant women; and
  • deputies illegally recording privileged conversations between minors and their attorneys.

We need an independent audit of Sheriff Ahern’s Department to reveal how he is spending public money, improve transparency and accountability, and redirect resources to benefit our communities rather than abusing our neighbors and locking them up.

Join us to bring our budget – in Alameda County and across our state – into alignment with our values, and put our schools and communities first! Take a moment to call your Alameda Co. Supervisor today and urge them to conduct an independent audit of the Sheriff’s Department (Find your district here.)




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