[Last updated: March 25, 2020]

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Times are challenging and difficult. More than ever, we need to rely on each other.

When our elected officials at the national level fail to provide guidance, our local elected and community leaders need to step up. It’s beautiful to see the leadership and collective power of our partner organizations and communities coming together to create strategies for next steps at the local and statewide level, and paving the way for real solutions to our current public health crisis. We are grateful to the Oakland community for pulling together in dire times of need.

Oakland Rising staff and all employees have transitioned to remote work for the time being, and we continue to work closely with our Partners to strategize around local demands, policy priorities, campaign work, and mutual aid resource networks.

Here are some Oakland-based resources that you and your loved ones might find useful:

Free Wi-fi Provided by Xfinity

Free Meals
– Meals on Wheels
– Alameda County Community Food Bank
– Free “grab and go” breakfast and lunches for OUSD students and their families during school closures

Housing Rights & Evictions
– The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office has temporarily suspended all evictions.
– Our Partner Causa Justa::Just Cause’s Know Your Rights Clinic workshops are suspended until further notice. The bilingual (English/Spanish) Tenant Hotline is still available for Oakland residents and checked daily. Call (510) TENANTS (836-2687) to leave a voicemail and a volunteer will get back to you. More info here.
– To learn more about your rights, consult the Oakland Tenant Rights Handbook.
– Gov. Newsom’s State of Emergency has triggered statewide anti-gouging laws. If your landlord is charging or advertising rent at 10% above, it is now illegal. Here’s a letter you can send to your landlord(This sample letter was created during the fire emergency response last year; please make sure to change the dates and update the governor’s name.)
– Emergency financial assistance and services for residents facing evictions.
– Alameda County housing and renting aid programs
– Alameda County housing and utility assistance

Workers & Paid Sick Leave
– For questions or concerns about Oakland’s Paid Sick Day Law, contact the Fair Labor Oakland hotline at (510) 646-0521. Thanks to our partner East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy for winning this resource for Oaklanders!
– City of Oakland’s Sick Leave Law and COVID-19
– File a Complaint through the City of Oakland
– Resources for Non-Essential and Sick/Supporting Sick Workers (broken down by County)
– Non-Essential Business Violation Tracker
– Business and Worker Resources

Live Updates
– Alameda County Public Health Department
– California Department of Public Health 
– U.S. Centers for Disease Control 

More Resources
– Statewide resources for the Undocumented community
– Resources for organizers 

Let’s continue to keep our neighbors safe and care for our most vulnerable. Remember, #PowerNotPanic. We will prevail as we always have, in community.

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