With Oakland Rising’s first campaign of the year rapidly coming to a close, we have already contacted over 4,000 Oakland voters living in the flatlands of East and West Oakland to get their opinions about three tax initiatives that will potentially be on the November ballot.

The Daily Team, which is made up of East and West Oakland residents (80% of whom have been previously incarcerated), has really been focusing on meeting our campaign goals and not giving our opinions on the phones and at the doors during this education-only campaign. The electoral savvy, and nuanced policy analysis of this daily team is unparalleled, and with 40% of the team bringing bilingual capacity (Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin) we are reaching voters in a deeper way. Highlighting our city’s diversity and our collective commitment to building a stronger people-powered Oakland, we are pleased to present some of our new and returning Daily Team Members:

“I’m inspired to do this type of work because at the end of the day it feels great to know that I’m a part of change to my community. We need to be educating voters about what’s really going on and how these policies effect our every day lives.”
~ Donald Parks

“I like to learn and have new experiences. I’m learning so much from talking to the voters and it’s great to educate them too! I really like being on this team because I have been making lots of friends!”
~ Sio Chek

“It’s my first time here at Oakland Rising! I really admire organizations that want our community to be a better place. I’ve seen that a lot of families are going thru a lot mostly because of the budget cuts and that’s why I want to motivate people to make our community stronger, united and better for our children’s future.”
~ Sylvia Martinez

“This is my 7th campaign with OR. I come back because I want to see Oakland change! I want to see the difference. I love getting out and helping folks by informing them what we do and who we are. We need to quit complaining about the negativity and get out and make the positive changes ourselves!”
~ Felton Clifton

By: Erika Minkowsky