Three weeks ago we completed our 4th campaign of the year with big wins on Prop 23 (No) and Prop 25 (Yes), our biggest and best to date! Our team of 20 paid canvassers and 265 incredible volunteers talked to 13,585 voters over the course of 4 weeks, and 89% of them (12,057) supported our positions. This campaign was part of a larger statewide effort with the California Alliance to impact 12 regions of California to vote No on Prop 23, the Dirty Energy Initiative and Yes on Prop 25 to end budget gridlock. Together with our partners around the state, we talked to 174,084 “unlikely and occasional” voters mostly in low-income communities of color.

Prop 23, the Dirty Energy Initative, was funded by Big Texas Oil and would have threatened public health by overturning landmark clean air and energy policies.  Prop 25 restores a simple majority vote of 50% to pass the state budget, which could mean less political gridlock and less cuts to the safety net.

With polls showing a dead heat for both Propositions just days before the election, I’m happy to report that our collective efforts were the tipping point and WE WON BOTH YES ON 23 and NO ON 25!  Campaign by campaign, we’re showing that we are truly a force to be reckoned with in Oakland and beyond.  

Looking forward to growing bigger and better with you in 2011!

 ~Jessamyn Sabagg, Field Director