Watch our Community Info Session recording to learn more about two important measures on the November ballot that will help build political power in the flatlands and generate resources for important community services and programs for years to come.

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Oakland Fair Elections Act will:
– Allow community-backed candidates to run competitive campaigns without wealthy donors. 
– Make our elections cleaner and more transparent so that candidates can focus on the voices of the people, not the pull of big money. 
Create more diversity across race, gender, and income among donors and among candidates running for office.
Boost the power of small donors. A recent survey of likely 2022 Oakland voters found that many residents don’t donate to local campaigns because they simply can’t afford to. In Oakland’s 2014 and 2016 elections, 93% of contributions came from less than 1% of the city’s population.

Invest in Our Oakland Act (Progressive Business Tax) will bring in more than $20 million in funding for our town’s vital services and infrastructure by creating a modern business tax structure that will cut taxes for 20,000 small businesses while making wealthy corporations pay their fair share of business taxes.