On behalf of all of us at Oakland Rising, we’re outraged by the actions of “Jogger Joe” (real name: Henry Sintay) first throwing the belongings of Drew, an Oakland community member, into Lake Merritt and then assaulting and robbing our friend and activist Matt Nelson when confronted about his abhorrent actions.

The actions of Jogger Joe mirror the primary response to homelessness that our city government has taken – “cleaning up” encampments instead of actually housing people.

While it’s a testament to the heart of true Oaklanders that people have already replaced Drew’s belongings and been bringing him food, the real question is: How can the City provide him and all other unhoused people with permanent safe housing – and why hasn’t this been done already?

We were also saddened to see that in the second video of the assault of Matt Nelson, Jogger Joe was wearing an original edition Oakland Rising t-shirt. He has never been associated with our organization in any way, and his actions in no way reflect our values.

Oakland Rising stands for true community safety that includes quality shelter and services, affordable housing, good jobs, healthy food, education, childcare and healthcare for all. In the face of an unprecedented housing crisis in Oakland and the Bay Area, we must come together as our brothers’ keepers. We deserve a city government that seeks rational solutions and is unwavering in fighting for the health, safety and dignity of every one of us.




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