Organizers know the undeniable power of one-on-one conversations. We can send endless emails or snail mail, but time and again, someone knocking on your door is going to get more of your attention. After 10 years of running successful voter education campaigns fueled by personal contacts, we began implementing our vision for a year-round campaign to connect with Oakland residents, and to garner their financial support to power our civic engagement and leadership development work.

Launched in March, our field fundraising canvass has grown to 5 members who collectively have brought in 100’s of new donors. To bolster the work of our already amazing team, we want to provide the best tools and techniques. So, this month Team Leader Sheryl Walton and Strategic Partnerships Director Beth Gunston went to Seattle to cross-train with canvass vets at Washington’s oldest social justice grassroots organization, Washington Community Action Network.

Washington CAN provides cross-trainings for grassroots organizers in the spirit of building a national network of canvasses. Sheryl and Beth benefited from time in the field with canvassers like Kevin who has been knocking on doors for 35 years to support progressive causes! And under the tutelage of Lori and Sol who have over 70 years of experience combined running powerful canvasses, Sheryl and Beth took away many tools and principles that will improve our fundraising program – from how to maximize our time at each door to how to implement a phone fundraising program. Already, Sheryl’s team is implementing new techniques when talking to community members, resulting in more contributions. And in the coming months, we will launch a phone fundraising canvass that will incorporate much of what we learned.

We are excited to meet you in person and share our work and vision with you. Be prepared when we are at your doorstep for our team’s enthusiasm, passion and skills to motivate you to sign down and give!




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