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Wow, was this a great night!  Oakland Rising’s Young Progressive Benefit Party displayed the many communities in Oakland who are excited about empowering one another for a better city in a vibrant Wednesday night party filled with happy people.

“Only in Oakland can a diverse group of people be in one room. Oakland is a melting pot,” said Erin Hagan,  a native San Franciscan who was at the party.

 “Where are the young people who think progressively ?” Solana Rice of Policy Link asked, saying this party provided a good opportunity to meet other young progressives.

With mayoral elections approaching, City Council member and mayoral Candidate Jean Quan was present, saying Oakland needed to mentor the” next generation of leaders.”

Even a great party is not without speakers. Oakland Rising ED and party convener Esperanza Tervalon-Daumont , spoke passionately about why Oakland Rising’s mission is so essential to Oakland. She explained how Oakland Rising counts and speaks to voters who are low-income and communities of color who have been historically left out of electoral processes, and, in the process, enpowers them.

Jakada Imani, Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center, one of the founders and supporters of Oakland Rising,  also spoke. 

Imani spoke on joining forces with Oakland Rising and how many non-profits uniting to start OR demonstrates a force of power comprarable to a popular Japanese inspired cartoon Voltron, in which 5 robots joined forces to become a super defender for justice.

The evening’ s mission and purpose were summed up by one guest: ” Good folks. Power Brokers.”

Among those who attended from sponsoring organizations: Akonadi Foundation, Black Women Organized for Political Action,  Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment,  Citizen Hope,  Common Counsel Foundation, French- American Charitable Trust,  Mitchell Rapor Foundation, Pro-Copy and Printing Salidago Foundation and The California Endowment.




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