This week marks our official campaign launch! We’re on a mission to transform Oakland and Alameda County into a more inclusive and transparent city and county by building up our people power! We envision a future where our neighbors in East and West Oakland, as well as in unincorporated and south Alameda County, have an affordable place to call home, schools that provide quality education, and programs and services that serve our community’s needs. We’re reaching out to low-turnout voters and engaging them in the political process to help create a more inclusive democracy, led by communities who have historically been left out of the decision-making process.

We’re very excited to build political power in the heart of East and West Oakland and talk to our neighbors about:

  • the role of the district attorney,
  • closing corporate tax loopholes, 
  • protecting vital city services, and
  • protecting our democracy from right-winged attacks. 

This is our opportunity to make a real lasting impact on the future of the Town for years to come. By making phone calls and knocking on doors, we’re at the forefront of transforming Oakland’s political landscape one conversation at a time.