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Oakland Rising is throwing down for Yes on Measure JJ to protect Oakland renters, and also working with our statewide partners through California Calls to talk with thousands of voters about three game-changing propositions:

• Prop 55 will maintain funding for education and healthcare by renewing the Prop 30 income tax on wealthy Californians earning more than $250,000 per year.

• Prop 57 will decrease the likelihood of youth being tried as adults for minor crimes, and increase parole opportunities for felons convicted of non-violent crimes.

• Prop 56 will increase taxes on tobacco products to fund health care and smoking prevention programs.

We’re also distributing the three voter guides pictured, and have our full list of endorsements and analysis available here through our partners at Bay Rising.

It’s going to take voters coming out in full force to create these changes. Starting on October 2nd, Oakland Rising will run our biggest Daily Team ever, employing 44 workers from our neighborhoods, primarily previously incarcerated people, to contact voters as part of a statewide effort. We anticipate contacting 20,988 voters on the state propositions, and IDing roughly 75% of them in support.




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