As California moves forward with its plan to distribute millions of mail-in-ballots to registered voters, we continue to see far-right attacks on our vote-by-mail election system. There’s too much at stake this election to let these voter suppression tactics deter us. It’s crucial that we know our rights so that we can vote safely and stop this effort to silence our working-class communities of color.Voting by mail is about the health, safety, and livelihood of our communities.

Check Your Status

With many voters having moved since they registered, especially young and working-class folks, we encourage you to check your voter registration status. Make sure you are registered at a location where you can access your vote-by-mail ballot.

Let’s lean on the work of our ancestors and elders who lead the way fighting for our voting rights. Let’s make sure we are all equipped with the knowledge and tools we need so that votes in our communities count. 

Our vote-by-mail election system is in jeopardy. This month the United States Postal Service restructured their leadership, reassigning and firing 23 Postal Service executives. USPS employees are reporting the mail systems and equipment are being taken away and those blue mailboxes we all trust are being removed. All of these cuts not only hinder the ability for ballots to be distributed properly, but also hurt those who rely on mail delivery – folks waiting on their EDD checks, medications, etc. 

Make a voting plan today. One way to ensure we all are able to participate fully in the democratic process, is to create a plan on how you will vote. Here are some steps for you to take to create a voting plan: 
1) Check your voter registration status
     a) Last day to register to vote in California is October 19, 2020 – 15 days before the election. Your registration must be postmarked or submitted electronically by this date.
     b) Missed the deadline to register to vote? You can also register to vote on election day (November 3rd) with a provisional ballot, also known as conditional voter registration.
2) Make sure your ballot will be mailed to an address you can receive your ballot. 
3) Drop off your ballot at the nearest drop box location. Check this link before going out to drop off your ballot. 
4) Drop off your ballot on Election Day, November 3, 2020 at in-person voting locations available (to be announced). For now, make sure you keep checking the link for updated locations. 

Lastly, rest assured, even if you mail in your ballot, according to Assembly Bill No. 860, the statewide deadline to receive mail-in-ballots is up to 17 days after the election date. As we get closer to the elections, we will continue to update you so that you can to distinguish between real and fake information. Let’s not let the misinformation about voting drive fear into our communities.